Accounting and Tax Package

Looking for a low-tax jurisdiction to run your business and save tax? You've found the right place! According to KPMG's tax survey of 2015, Singapore companies enjoy a lower corporate tax bracket than most OECD countries, at 17%.

The Singapore tax authority allows generous tax breaks to companies. For startups, your first S$100,000 chargeable income is tax-free, and the next S$200,000 profit is taxed at 8.5% only.

What's better still? Dividends paid to shareholders are tax-exempted.

Accounting and Tax Package Details
  • Book-keeping

    • Book-keeping (Monthly, quarterly, yearly basis)
    • Reconciliation of bank statements, accounts receivables, accounts payables
    • Monthly financial report

  • Accounting, Financial Reporting & Audit

    • Preparation of accounting reports & unaudited financial statements in accordance with Singapore Financial Reporting Standards
    • Annual filing with ACRA
    • Filing of full set of accounts in XBRL format
    • Filing of Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI) to IRAS
    • Preparation of Report of Directors & Statement of Directors
    • Financial audit (If your company does not meet Singapore’s audit exemption requirement, i.e. Anentity with a corporate shareholding or with annual revenue > SGD $5 million)

    Tax computation & filing

    • Corporate tax computation and filing
    • GST registration advisory & completion of registration formalities
    • Preparation and Submission of quarterly GST Returns

This package is good for:

  • Foreign profit-making businesses looking for tax havens to save taxes
  • Foreign entrepreneurs open to moving their profits and accounting offshore
  • Entrepreneurs who have no plans to relocate to Singapore yet

Need Professional Help On Tax and Accounting?

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