Five things you can do to attract millennial talents

New Employees would stay only a year or two before quitting, no longer receptive to the old deal that the longer they stayed the more marketable they would be”, observed by PwC’s HR transformation leader.

Corporations big or small are starting to wonder what went wrong with their hiring and retaining practices but as a matter of fact, we’re faced with a new generation of workers who wanted to work differently, and whom weren’t planning to wait around for things to change.

We spotted a great piece by Clarie Groden from Fortune magazine and are sharing with you the key points:


1: Forget the 9-to-5 schedule

Help your team members figure out a work schedule that suit them – Individualize employee schedules, work-from-home arrangements

2: Offer training resources

70% of workers intending to leave within the next two years cite a lack of leadership development. Consider sending your employees to training programs, and have more frequent check-in conversations with them

3: Annual reviews aren’t good enough today

Annual or bi-annual reviews may sometimes be out of touch with employees project cycles. Consider more short-term goals anchored by quarterly check-ins. The biggest corporations of the likes of IBM, General Electric have already kick-started the process.

4: Give purpose beyond the bottom line

6 in 10 millennials consider a sense of purpose being part of their calculation in accepting job offers. Your firm may attract more millennial talents with more transparency and less bureaucracy.

5: Give perks to foster a culture of care

Millennials appeal to ‘culture of care’, while Generation X value control and compensation. Pay more attention to how your team works together and how supported and appreciated they feel.


For detailed read, please refer to Fortune’s original article here.