What Business Can Learn from the Golden State Warriors

The reigning NBA champions attribute their success to camaraderie and team spirit.

You may be surprised. On any given game day, the Warriors can seem like a pack of giddy 6-year-olds. The players have said that their playful bonding is central to their basketball prowess, and a major reason for their success.

This piece by Ed Frauenheim from Fortune takes a closer look at the Warriors and see what they have in common with the world’s best employers


1. Have Fun -  Don't be super-serious & dreary.

2. Care for Each Other - In business, deeper connections among co-workers can translate into greater devotion to the organization’s mission.

3. Cooperation Is Key - It’s rare to find egoless teamwork in the workplace, but it’s a key part of many business success stories.


Fortune's 50 Best Workplaces for Camaraderie: fortune.com/camaraderie