A Millennial's Field Guide to Mastering Your Career

In 2015, Millennials has surpassed Gen X to become the largest in the workforce in America. Though misconceptions abound, the economy’s youngest workers really are different in various aspects: Most notably of being adapted to being online 24-7 & principled in their career choices.

Despite one of the greatest economic recessions of our time, Millennials do opt for very different paths than their previous generations. Fortune has done some interesting surveys with hiring managers and working millennials. Here we summarise some of the best career advice from our new generation leaders.

1 With all due respect to Peter Thiel: You need to go to college: 

Evidence is still clear that college—and even a secondary degree—is the best ticket out of young workers’ economic quagmire.

2 Don’t expect your employer to be your friend: 

Give or take the odd employer willing to give farsighted advice (let alone dispense the constant feedback that millennials famously crave), young professionals today must navigate their own winding career paths. Says Jodi Glickman, author of Great on the Job: “No one cares more about managing your career than you do.

3 Remember, you’ll never be good enough

Today’s in-demand skill sets are guaranteed to be outdated tomorrow. Businesses are reshaping at this amazing velocity, strategies adapt every three to five years.

Develop timeless talents like critical thinking, playing nice, and effective writing.

4 Always have a side hustle

A side gig might not launch every millennial into the ranks of the Fortune 40 Under 40, but it can still offer a raft of other benefits: new skills, a broader network, and extra cash. In some cases a second pursuit can offer a sense of purpose, something that three in every five young professionals say they seek in their professional lives.

5 Overcome your stereotype

Many of the faults typically associated with millennials have more to do with being young than with being born during the ’80s or ’90s. Still, generational differences do plague offices. If they expect you to be entitled or have your face buried in your iPhone all day, it’s good for you to defy that stereotype.

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