5 Signs You're Working For A Truly Great Company

How can you tell if you are working for a truly great company? Jacob's study published on Forbes sums it up well. Here are five signs to look out for.


1. Managers Are Mentors - Managers act as coaches and mentors instead of as dictators and enforcers. The role of a manager is simply to remove obstacles from the paths of an employee so that the employee can succeed and grow.

2. Vulnerability Is Seen As A Strength And Not A Weakness - Great organizations embrace and encourage vulnerability, which allows employees and managers to be who they truly are.

3. Transparency Is The Rule, Not The Exception - In a world that’s changing so rapidly we need more employees who have access to all and any information they need and want to have access to.

4. Investment In The Employee Experience - Employee Experience (EX) is the idea of creating an organization where people actually want to want to show up, not where they need to show up.

5. Operating Like A Lab And Less Like A Factory - The great organizations think of themselves like laboratories, where employee can test ideas, experiment, embrace failure, take risks and learn new things.

For more, please refer to the link of the original piece from Forbes here.