Company Secretary Services

Under the Singapore Companies Act, your company is required to appoint a company secretary within 6 months of incorporation.

Your company secretary is paramount to helping you stay in compliance by alerting you the governance deadlines and filing important company documents. So you can imagine whoever appointed as company secretary must possess a practical knowledge of Singapore regulations.

You can outsource your filing responsibilities to the specialist firms. Our secretaries with decade-long experience in the field serving both small and medium-sized private companies would ensure your statutory obligations are properly met and secretarial records maintained. 

Our corporate secretarial services include

  • Company Secretary
  • Nominee Director
  • Business Address & Virtual Office
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Our full line of Corporate Secretarial Services is listed as follow:

Corporate Secretary

  • Provision of a local Company Secretary
  • General meetings & Filing of Annual Returns
  • Safe-keeping and retention of company statutory records
  • General meetings & filing of Annual Returns with Company Registry
  • Change of Directors, Managers, Auditors and Company Secretary
  • Change in Share Capital Structure, Transfer & Allotment of Shares
  • Shareholder Minutes
  • Director's Resolution - 2 sets of FREE* resolution included per year
  • Company strike-off

Nominee Director Services

We provide local resident director to help fulfill your statutory requirement, if you intend to operate your business offshore and not intend to hire local staff or director.

Please note that at least two directors is required from your end in addition to our appointed Nominee Director.

A refundable security deposit is applicable for the provision of Nominee Director Services, which will be refunded upon replacement or cancellation of the service.

  • Initial acceptance and assumption of Director's responsibilities
  • Execution of AGM minutes and resolutions (for regular business items only)
  • Execution of Annual Return documents where applicable
  • Signing of annual financial statements / tax returns

Business address & Virtual Office

Needs a business address at CBD to impress your clients? We have you covered.

Having lined up partnerships with premium virtual office providers, we would cater to your varying needs as your business grows. It is always our pleasure to go an extra mile for our customers and that means you would enjoy better rates than walk-in customers.

Our partners offer various packages for different sized businesses, including but not limited to -

  • Premium business address at Central Business District
  • Mailing address as correspondence from outside parties

Piloto Asia can help you avoid the risk of non-compliance.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you meet the statutory requirements.